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Rent-A-Husband is a premier handyman service. Our “husbands” are extensively trained, skilled, professional tradesmen.

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Patio, Lawn & Garden

Make your backyard into a relaxing oasis or get it ready for your next backyard barbecue by visiting Pete’s ACE Hardware for all your patio, lawn and garden needs. Let our staff recommend the latest, most effective products for making your lawn greener, repelling animals or killing weeds. They will show you a few specialty products such as drip sprinkler systems that help conserve water, pest repellants that are pet friendly, or the new Trager Bar-B-Que that uses environmentally safe pellets. Once you try these unique products, you won’t able to live without them.

Department List:

  • Weed Eater, Torro, Black and Decker, Corona, Fiskars
  • Full line of herbicides, pesticides and pre-emergent
  • Conventional and pet friendly pesticides
  • Have a Heart animal traps
  • Gardening tools
    • Sprinklers
    • Drip irrigation and sprinkler systems
    • Garden gloves
    • Wild bird housing, feeders and food


Specialty Items

  • Scram! (animal repellants)
  • Kritter- Ridder
  • Environmentally Safe products
  • Garden tool replacement handles
  • Large selection of soils, mulch, and bark
  • Wire fencing
  • Kink-free garden hose
  • Work gloves: Iron Clas, Stanley, Stlas, Nitrile
  • Seed
  • Live plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees
  • Indoor plants
  • Compost Tea- a probiotic for plants
  • Dr. Earth, Fox Farms, Scott's, Redi-Gro
  • Vegetable and flower seeds
  • Garden tools- Torro, Black and Decker, Corona, Fiskar
  • Sod- Special order

Convenient Store Services


No need to drive all over town! Pete’s ACE Hardware is in your neighborhood and offers a large array of specialty services all under one roof, including:

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Builders Zone


Pete’s ACE Hardware is a contractor’s number one choice for all of their building and remodeling supplies.

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