BLOG | Adding Green To Your Home With Houseplants

January 10 is National Houseplant Appreciation Day

What Pete Says

Houseplants are good for your home health. Investing in houseplants is a great way to keep your indoor air healthy and clean as houseplants will help to purify the air. Studies have shown that certain plants can help reduce toxins and pollutants in your home, making them an ideal addition for those suffering from respiratory issues.

Houseplants don’t require too much effort to maintain. Most only require basic watering every few days or few weeks depending on the location. An occasional cleaning of the leaves with a leaf spray, a sprinkle of soil conditioner and a squirt of plant food is all it takes to have healthy indoor plants.  The plants add a pop of color to any room and can add a sense of calm to your environment.

Pete’s Hardware has a large selection of indoor plants and a kit of organic houseplant essentials for  total plant to grow thriving pottedplanats.

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