Fundraising Programs

We budget a generous amount to support worthy causes.

We support worthy causes in our community.

We budget a generous amount to support worthy causes in our community and give preferential considiration to local organizations with significant support of Pete’s Hardware. Because the number of requests always exceeds our budget, Pete’s Hardware has developed a couple programs to help you raise funds for your cause. Program description below:

Gift Card

Pete’s Hardware will issue a $25.00 gift card to an organization for use in auctions, or raffles.



Need funds quickly? On selected weekends your organization can raise money by serving barbequed hot dogs and drinks between the hours of 11:00am – 2:00pm.  Pete’s Hardware will provide the grill, the hot dogs, buns, condiments and drinks.  You set the price and create the signage to promote your fundraiser.  You provide the ice, and the cash box.  The organization is required to set up for the event an clean up after the event.  This fundraiser requires a minimum of two adults to man the grill and supervise the event.