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When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned it?

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You have made the investment in a grill or smoker and having been cooking up some delicious meals. When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned it?

Keeping the inside of your grill is important not only for sanitary reason, but it helps to keep the components of your grill working properly and prevents a grease fire ruining your meal. Let’s explore what to use to clean the inside of your grill and how to do so ensuring your grill will last for years. Gather your cleaning supplies before you begin. You will need disposable gloves, a bristle-free grill brush, paper towels of other disposable rags, water, and a biodegradable cleaner.

How often you use your grill will depend on how often you should thoroughly clean it. Everyone should do a deep clean of their grill at least once a year. This entails taking apart your gas grill, Smoker or kettle grill to clean all the surfaces. Using a biodegradable cleaner such as Traeger All-Natural Grill Cleaner that is made of a grease- cutting formula that can clean a big mess without harmful chemicals.

Before you begin, make sure you have turned off the gas supply or power. Brush away as much of the accumulated dirt and grime with a bristle-free as possible. Spray the grill grates with your food safe cleaner, I recommend Traeger All-Natural Cleaner and you can practically see the buildup melting away. As the cleaner is working its magic move onto the other parts. Remove any parts that cover the burners; such a flavorized bars, heat tents and deflectors, brushing them clean.  Use your spray cleaner on any metal parts. Lightly brush and wipe clean all burner tubes and sear station tubes to remove rust and clogs.  Clean the bottom of the grill and the lid. Those particles you might think of as peeling paint are really carbon flakes and grease. Give that area a light brushing to loosen the particles then spray Traeger All-Natural Cleaner to dissolve the remaining buildup. Move on to the grease collection tray by replacing any disposable pans or washing the collection tray with a grease cutting cleaner. Cleaning of the grease tray should be done on a regular basis to prevent a grease fire and having to make a dinner reservation. Using paper towels or disposable rags, wipe off the any parts you have sprayed with the cleaner.  Wipe down the outside of the grill using your spray cleaner. Put all the parts of your grill back together and you are ready to fire up your grill to create another delicious meal for family and friends.

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