BLOG | Caramel is Absolutely Delicious

Not only is is Halloween, it’s also National Caramel Month

What Pete Says

Caramel: It is absolutely delicious! Caramel is a satisfying treat any time of year, but there is just something about the rich and creamy taste that signifies the beginning of fall. One of the simplest pleasures in life is sinking your teeth into a decadent piece of caramel. October not only signifies the return of delicious baked goods and Halloween candy, but it’s also National Caramel Month. Caramel is all about indulgence and it satisfies everybody’s sweet tooth. From soft to gooey and crunchy textures, different shades of golden and characteristic tastes, caramel has a lot to offer.

Few treats are as synonymous with the month of October as a caramel apple. Let your imagination run wild with the toppings you choose for your apple treat. Making real homemade caramel apples taste so much better than if you melted down caramel candies and the scent of caramel wafting through your kitchen just makes it feel like autumn has arrived. But if you just want to enjoy eating a delicious caramel without doing anything more than making a quick trip to the store then head to Pete’s Hardware. It is the best kept secret for the place to buy these sweet buttery treats. Here you will find L.Frances caramels, World’s Finest Chocolate Caramel bars and BEQUET caramels handmade in Montana with a hint of Celtic salt; my personal favorite. Celebrate October indulgencing in the buttery goodness of caramel.

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