BLOG | Celebrate Earth Day

“Invest in our Planet"

What Pete Says

This year, Earth Day is on April 22nd and the theme is “Invest in our Planet”.

To be a part of recognizing Earth Day, start thinking about how your actions impact our environment and what can you do to reduce that impact or how you can create a positive impact on your environment. Every small change by a person can make a huge difference towards creating a more sustainable future.

Join in with a community trash cleanup. Castro Valley Sanitary will host an Earth Day event on Saturday, April 22 from 9:00am to 12:00 pm; rain or shine. Volunteers work together to beautify school campuses and Castro Valley parks.

 Learn more and register to volunteer by visiting

At home, turn off lights and devices when not in use as well as repair leaking water spouts, toilets and outdoor spigots. Turn off water when you do not need it while brushing teeth, washing dishes will help to save gallons each month.. Improve the air quality inside you home by adding indoor plants. Upcycle or repurpose unwanted items.

Together we can make a difference !

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