BLOG | Choosing the Right Plants for a Garden

We can assist in choosing the right plant for your garden

What Pete Says

Choosing the right plants for a garden that will thrive seasonally or year-round can take some research and thought. Plant hardiness maps with zones based on average seasonal temperatures can help you select plants that are more likely to survive the climate of your area. Because microclimates exist within your landscape, one should identify those pockets of microclimates and plant accordingly. These pockets of microclimates are influenced by sun exposure, tree canopies, arbors, fences and the levels of your yard.  Select plants that match your landscape growing conditions, space your design and keep in mind how much time you have to care for your landscape. You want to have time to relax and enjoy your efforts. At Pete’s Hardware our  garden center associates can help you select the right plants for your garden with information you share about your lifestyle and vision for your garden.

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