BLOG | February is Pie Month

Pete's has Pies?

What Pete Says

Wait! What did you say? Pete’s has pies?

Now at Pete’s Hardware you can purchase delicious fresh frozen pies and since February is Great American Pie month, it a great excuse to taste test the 14 different pies available at Pete’s.

This much-loved American dessert is as American as baseball. Whether Apple, Peach, or a variety of berries, the possibilities are endless to fill pastry dough to bake up a pie. A pie has been around for thousands of years. The tomb walls of Rames ll you will see drawings of bakers who filled bread dough with honey, fruit and nuts serving the Pharaoh the pies they created. In the 1600’s, the Pilgrims brought their favorite meat-based pie recipes with them to America. Over the years our love of sweet-tasting pies has become a part of our culture that in 1990 Great American Pie Month was declared to be February.

Settle in, wearing your favorite pair of sweatpants to celebrate pies throughout the month of February.
Let the tasting begin!

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