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Make the Season Merry and Bright.

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Whew, the Christmas rush to accomplish shopping, baking, gift wrapping and making the house presentable to guest is over.  But now if you are like me there is the one room that no one dares to enter, or maybe a closet that no one should open its door without wearing protective gear. Each year, a promise to get everything organized so next holiday season you can easily find everything that makes the season merry and bright.

So once again, I resolve to organize my many “things”. I am going to organize some space in my home each month. I have read enough organizing tips to know that there is a storage solution for every possible item in your home.  It is a matter of identifying what project you are going to take on, then head to Pete’s Hardware to pick up the storage container best suited for your project. Store the Christmas décor in holiday coded storage bins. Large, deep bins with clear sides and red and green handles make it easy to identify the garland from the pumpkins. Smaller totes are great to store all the trimmings for gifts or tree.

Are you ready to tackle more? Check out the storage bins for bathrooms or linen closets. Clear acrylic bins in assorted sizes make it easy to sort out medications, first aid supplies, and all the products that make you look and smell good. Store like items with like items make it easy to keep everything easy to access. Think about what items you spend time searching for and assign a place with a storage solution for that item and others like it.

Assigning decorative bins to store items such toys, magazines, and remotes make clean up a snap and keeps a room looking neat. Believe me; you won’t miss hunting for the remote or the crying of a child who can’t find their favorite toy.

Right now, I think I will keep the door closed and organize my silverware drawer…

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