BLOG | House Plant Day

It is National House Plant Day

What Pete Says

There is an appreciation day for just about everything we see or do in our life. January 10th is no exception. This date celebrates Bittersweet Chocolate, Clean Off Your Desk and it is also National Houseplant Day.

National Houseplant Day just might be the day you can give your withering houseplant a drink of water, a bit of pruning or dust off the leaves. Serve them some fancy food; repot them in a bigger or prettier pot, talk to them nicely begging it not to die. Yes, research shows that talking to your plants can help the grow faster and live longer but  so does regular watering and a serving of plant food.

If you don’t have an indoor plant, stop the nursery at Pete’s Hardware, where the garden staff can fix you up with a new leafy friend; like a philodendron or succulents. Plants not only enhance the overall appearance of a room but helps eliminates indoor air pollutants making your indoor environment a healthier living space. Tending to your plants is just as relaxing as working in a garden, reducing your stress and mental fatigue. Since we spend close to 90% of our time indoors, especially during the cold winter months, touching the foliage can elicit a calming effect soothing and restoring our well-being.

January 10th get excited and celebrate by filling a voided space with a beautiful indoor plant or if you are already a houseplant aficionado refresh them with a day of TLC.  Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there is a plant that can flourish with the bard minimum of care.

Let the garden staff in Pete’s Hardware garden center match you up with a new leafy green friend.


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