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Time to get creative with supplies

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March is National Craft Month, a time to get creative with supplies or finish a craft project you may have set aside. It is also a time to bring an idea to life. With a broad range of crafts to choose from, National Craft Month inspires all kinds of mediums. From paper and wood to fabrics, paint, and metal craft, the month is dedicated to creativity and inspiration. Whatever motivates you, take your craft from idea to reality this month. If you’ve only been thinking about learning how to make something special,sign up for a class. Get inspired by looking at DIY’s on Pinterest, Etsy, Ticktock or go old school and get yourself a crafting magazine.

Learning a craft offers many benefits. Expressing one’s creativity provides stress relief and can lower blood pressure much like meditation. There’s natural positive reinforcement from learning a new skill. With each new step learned, the satisfaction from gaining the skill is rewarding.  Most crafts require fine motor skills. Crafts teach young children these skills as well keep ours sharp as we age. Break out the art supplies to release a child’s creativity, and then frame it.

Crafting with a group becomes a social event. Gather with friends and complete a larger project or several smaller ones. Making items for charity, such as blankets for the CHP or activity bags for the children of veterans, makes your efforts that much more valuable. Ask around for organizations or church groups that make dresses using pillow cases, blankets for shelters are just a couple ideas that are available locally. When creativity becomes stress relieving and generous, it fills the soul.

So now head off to the hardware store, a hobby store, an art supply store or fabric store to bring your idea to reality.

Enjoy !

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