BLOG | National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

March 29th - National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

What Pete Says

March 29th is National Mom and Pop Business owners Day. It is a day to recognize the local small business owners of your community and to show a special appreciation to the Mom and Pop businesses owners who work hard and dedicate time to bettering the community. Locally owned businesses are known for helping with the growth of a community by reinvesting into their community programs, service clubs and schools; as well as hiring people who live in the community.

The phrase “mom-and- pop” store is used for small businesses run by families. The staff of a local business will more than likely know your name, and you may know them as your neighbor, high school classmate or the person who offers friendly service to help you with your needs.

So March 29th show your appreciation to a local mom and pop business; shop at a locally owned business, buy a gift card, recommend the business to someone or recognize them with a thank you note. Keep your community strong by supporting locally owned.   

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