BLOG | Pete’s ACE Hardware Creates Miracles

ACE has raised of $140 million for CMN hospitals nationwide.

What Pete Says

ACE Hardware has been a proud partner of Children’s Miracle Network hospitals since 1991. Over the past 30 years, thanks to the generosity of our customers, store owners, vendor partners and corporate team members, ACE has raised of $140 million for CMN hospitals nationwide.

And just like ACE, CMN believes in the power of local- so 100% of the funds raised in a store have been donated to the local CMN Hospital- not one penny goes to overhead or the headquarters. 100 % of the funds raised at Pete’s Hardware benefit the children at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital- Oakland. The donations provide music and art therapy; Child Life Services to provide the patient and the family a better understanding of one’s illness, medical treatments through the use of specially designed dolls and play therapy. The list goes on and on of miracles created for the children at Oakland’s Children’s Hospital.

Each year, ACE stores host the Miracle Bucket promotion where for one weekend customers can make a $5.00 donation to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital- Oakland and get a blue miracle and 20% off whatever fits in the bucket with some exclusions. This promotion has raised over $5 million nationwide since it began in 2013. The Miracle Bucket Promotion will run August 5th, 2022 until August 7th, 2022.

This year Pete’s Hardware will have Miracle buckets available September 5th until they are sold out! For a $35 donation you can choose your Mystery bucket filled with products for The Home, The garage or The Outdoors. Your Mystery bucket has a value range from $35 up to $100…so choose your lucky bucket at Pete’s and  make a difference in your community.

Thank you for helping the children and their families, when they need it the most.    

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Beware of scam using Pete’s Hardware Logo telling you that you have won a prize and to send money. This is not a Pete’s Hardware Promotion!