BLOG | The Ants Come Marching

How can you prevent an army of ants from setting up camp inside your home?

What Pete Says

The ants come marching into your home one by one, or one hundred by one hundred, invading kitchens, pantries and cupboards. Although ants can be pest, ants provide an ecological cleansing and fertilization service of considerable importance. Ants kill and eat many pest insects, aerate the soil, recycle dead animal and vegetable matter. Because of the beneficial aspects it is undesirable as well as impossible to eliminate ants from their outdoor habitat.

How can you prevent an army of ants from setting up camp inside your home? Kill the scouts! Those troopers are in search of a tasty tidbit and some water to wash it down. Easy fixes are to store food in containers that seal tightly or in the refrigerator when you notice ant activity. Keep things clean and dry.  Even with all the precautions taken, you may find that the ants still prefer to dine in your kitchen rather than outside. It is time to take action. Ready for your attack with products that will kill only the line of ants you see or will eliminate the entire nest. Liquid ant bait, such as Terro will eliminate the entire nest as the scouts carry back this tasty treat to their queen. If you have pets, or small children, you may want to consider an eco-friendly defense that uses natural ingredients combined with essential oils. If you just want them gone, kill them on contact using chemical warfare such as RAID. Be on the lookout for their point of entry. Once you have identified the spot, seal it with silicone caulk or some well-placed dryer sheets. Then sit back and bask in the victory of your success.

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