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Toilet clogs and leaks.

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Mandee the life boats, the toilets are overflowing!

Toilet clogs and leaks are a pain to deal with and a serious disruption to any household. With October being National Repair Your Toilet month it seems only right to share a few simple ways to help prevent hanging the OUT OF ORDER sign on your bathroom door.

By following these few maintenance tips your toilet perform better and last longer thereby helping to prevent common plumbing problems or at the very least catch them early enough to minimize any damage.


   Don’t treat your toilet like a garbage can.

Simply put: Don’t flush anything other than toilet paper. Feminine products, cleaning wipes, paper towels, plastic baggies are not well received by the pipes.


   Check your toilet for leaks.

Look for wet areas on and around the toilet including the supply lines. If you are unsure lay paper towels around the toilet and under supply lines to check for water drips. Water leaks can do serious damage to your floors and walls.


   Test for water leaks

Add a leak detection tablet or 5-10 drops of non-staining food coloring to  the toilet tank. Let sit for 30 minutes, check the bowl to see if the water has   changed color. If so you have a leak! Replacing the flapper is the first step to fix the problem. If you have colored water around the outside of the toilet tank or on the floor, chances are the tank has a crack.


   Check the Water Shut-Off Valve

The water shut off valve is the knob that controls the water supply to your toilet. It is located under or behind your toilet. Make sure the knobs can be turned. If the knob is resistant or won’t budge when you try to turn it that is a good sign the shut may be faulty. Best to call a professional to do this fix.


   Check the Fill Valve

Remove the tank lid and flush the toilet. After the tank has refilled, the fill valve should completely stop dispensing water. If it doesn’t, you will need to confirm the flush valve is sealing. If the seal is good, then you will may to replace the fill valve. This is a fairly easy procedure for the DIY homeowner.

If you have any questions about toilet maintenance and what parts you need to keep your toilets in good repair, ask one of the knowledgeable sale associates at Pete’s Hardware.


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