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Paper in the left, weed in the right, slowly but firmly rise. There- you’re ready.

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Ah, yes- Spring. That time of incredibly delicate balance between the smell of the grass and the crack of the bat, in direct contrast to the whir of the weed trimmer and the rhythm of the paint brush. For what first appears to be irreconcilable differences there will emerge a beautiful harmony. As any veteran athlete knows before entering competition you must train to reach full potential. Start slow. When going out to get the morning paper, bend both knees evenly, reach out and firmly grasp between thumb and forefinger that dandelion nearest the driveway. Paper in the left, weed in the right, slowly but firmly rise. There- you’re ready. Now let’s talk weed trimmers. If your yard is like most, it will require a light to medium duty electric or battery operated weed trimmer with a cutting swath of 8 to 10 inches for edging the areas where the mower can’t maneuver. Other may require a heavier amperage and wider swath of 12 to 14 inches for taller and thicker growth. Always use the recommended line and know the limitations of your cutter. Too heavy a line and too thick a weed will burn out your motor and make you mad….

There are a variety of motor sizes and attachments, such as blades and whirligigs to cut through the thickest of jungles. Just this week I discovered we have neighbors with a two story house.

Whatever your choice, always wear the proper equipment. Shoes, long pants, safety glasses and gloves. Walk your area first for obstacles unless you like surprises. You’ve heard the old saying “the fur was really flying?” 

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